Najib: PH only gave post to Indians under pressure

najib-micKUALA LUMPUR: The opposition seems to have neglected the Indians as a race, looking at its leadership lineup, Prime Minister Najib Razak said.

He said there was no Indian leader in the top ranks of Pakatan Harapan (PH) until pressure was applied from outside.

“Only when there were complaints, did they appoint an Indian to be one of their vice-presidents,” said Najib in his opening address at MIC’s 71st annual general meeting (AGM).

Recently, PH announced the appointment of M Kulasegaran as one of its vice-presidents. He was formerly PH’s treasurer.

This followed comments by prominent lawyer S Ambiga, lamenting the lack of Indian representation in the opposition coalition.

“That only reflects poorly on them as a party. They are almost laughable,” Najib said.

Najib said Malaysians cannot take the risk of being governed by the opposition.

“And if there is no proper intervention or political will, the Indian community will especially be neglected,” added Najib.

Najib said the opposition coalition was clearly one based on a “marriage of convenience”.

He said the opposition is driven by the different personal agendas of their leaders.

“They might sleep on the same bed, the same pillow. But their dreams are not the same. Dr Mahathir’s dream, I’m sure, is different from that of Lim Kit Siang. All are different.”

The opposition is playing malevolent politics, spreading hatred and confusion.

He questioned the opposition’s claim that Malaysia is a failed state despite all the developments achieved.

“US-based Wharton business school rated Malaysia as one of the best countries in a position to attract foreign investment.

“Now, I want to ask you, with all these neutral parties’ analyses, does it sound like we are a failed or bankrupt state?

“The opposition has lied and confused us. The opposition just wants to instil hatred in Malaysians instead of being constructive.”