‘I got a kiss from a little girl,’ boasted British paedophile

richard-huckle_kids_law_600_newPETALING JAYA: A British paedophile, whom investigators believed had abused up to 200 youngsters in Malaysia, admitted that he had kissed a “little girl” while working as a Sunday school teacher in Britain.

Richard Huckle, who was given 22 life sentences after he pleaded guilty to 71 offences against Malaysian children aged between six months and 13 years from 2006 to 2014, had written about the encounter in his diary.

The photographer from Ashford, Kent, said he had kissed the girl while working as a Sunday school teacher in Britain, the MailOnline reported.

“I’ve been given my own Sunday School class,” he wrote in the diary. “The kids have really taken to me as their giant playmate. I got a kiss from a little girl.

“I went to stay with the pastor and got to know his boys.”

Huckle’s admission was uncovered by BBC journalist Bronagh Munro, who has made a documentary about the former poster boy for the British Council in Malaysia.

She obtained the diary for BBC Three’s Gap Year Paedophile during a year-long investigation into the 31-year-old child sex abuser.

With the latest revelation, it is now feared that many youngsters in Britain could have been Huckle’s victims too.

Retired police officer James Gamble, who had resigned as Britain’s head of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre after it was merged with the Serious Organised Crime Agency, called for a new investigation into Huckle.

“He was absolutely prolific,” he told the programme. “I would be shocked if there were no victims of his in this country (Britain),” the MailOnline quoted Gamble as saying.

“I would say that within the next 10 to 15 years, other young people, who are young now and who were abused by Huckle, will come forward.”

It was reported that Huckle was a 19-year-old gap year student when he arrived in Malaysia in 2005 and was teaching in Southeast Asia.

He remained in the region for nearly a decade.

During that time, he infiltrated impoverished communities, targeting care homes and orphanages, filming himself raping babies and children and awarding himself “Pedo Points” for his depravity.

He boasted about his crimes on the hidden “dark web” and compiled a 60-page manual, “Paedophiles and Poverty: Child Love Guide”, on how to select victims and avoid detection. He wanted to create a “Paedo Wiki guide”.