Laundrette operator: I’m not racist, I just want cleanliness

laundryPETALING JAYA: The operator of a Muslim-only self-service laundrette in Muar says he is not racist as some have claimed but only wants to ensure that cleanliness can be maintained at all times.

Speaking to FMT today, he stressed on the issue of cleanliness, explaining that 95% of the customers at his laundrette were Muslims.

“If we look at the issue from an Islamic perspective, cleanliness is very important to us and something we must strive for at all times.

“There are other laundrettes available nearby. So, it wouldn’t be a problem for non-Muslims if they needed to find another place to wash their clothes,” said the laundrette operator, who did not wish to be named.

He claimed he implemented the Muslim-only policy a week ago once he saw that other launderettes had opened nearby.

A signboard at the entrance of his laundrette now reads: “For Muslim customers only. Leave your shoes outside.”

His business policy however, sparked controversy after pictures of the signboard was spread through print and social media.

Responding to the feedback from those on social media, the laundrette owner stressed that he was not racist as some had claimed.

“Non-Muslims are not being deprived of a choice as there are a few other laundrettes in the area which they can go to.

“We respect other religions but ensuring cleanliness is a requirement under Islam.”