Tunku Idris ‘appalled’ over Muslim-only launderette

Tunku-Idris-dobbyPETALING JAYA: Johor prince Tunku Idris Sultan Ibrahim has criticised the move by a launderette in his own state to limit its services to Muslims only.

Taking to Instagram, Tunku Idris posted a picture of The Star’s news report on the matter and added the caption: “Is this for real? This is too extreme. I’m appalled.”

In two subsequent posts, Tunku Idris uploaded an image with the text: “The Quran says, ‘speak good to people’ and that it doesn’t say to ‘speak good only to Muslims’.”

The second image was of a Quranic verse which states: “For you is your religion, and for me is my religion”.

The Quranic verse from surah Al-Kafirun is often cited to indicate the principle of freedom of religion in Islam.

Tunku Idris, however, did not specify whether or not the two subsequent posts had anything to do with the launderette.

CIMB Group Holdings chairman Nazir Razak also uploaded a picture of the same news report on his Instagram account with the caption:

“This is very troubling. We have to curb such extremism if we are to build a peaceful & progressive multicultural Malaysia. This must be a misinterpretation of Islamic teaching.”

The Muar launderette’s Muslim-only policy has received mixed reactions from netizens, with some praising the move, while others questioned the motive for segregating customers based on their religion in multicultural Malaysia.

Johor mufti Mohd Tahrir Samsudin was reported as saying that the launderette’s move was commendable.

“Cleanliness is a priority for Muslims,” a Malay daily reported the mufti as saying.

He said the launderette’s move should not be turned into an issue as it would only encourage negative perception towards Muslims by non-Muslims.

“I think it is a good move as Muslims will no longer be doubtful when using the self-service launderette,” the daily quoted him as saying.