Mahathir’s ‘rubbish’ label stings disappointed Anina

anina-mahathirKUALA LUMPUR: Anina Saadudin, one of the founding members of PPBM who quit the party last week, said she is disappointed with Dr Mahathir Mohamad but that he remains her idol.

Her disappointment arises from reports that the PPBM chairman termed members who had quit the party as “rubbish”.

“If he really was describing me as garbage, then I will accept it with a heavy heart and disappointment,” Anina was quoted by The Star as saying.

In announcing her resignation last Saturday, Anina claimed the party no longer practised the principles of justice, transparency and integrity in its administration.

The Star reported that at an event at the Bukit Merah Lake Town Resort, Perak, on Sept 22, Dr Mahathir had criticised PPBM members who had left the party.

It quoted him as having said: “There are some people who are unhappy with the leadership, that’s why they want to quit. Well, we always sweep away ‘rubbish’. If these people want to quit willingly, it’s okay. There will be fewer problems and it will make matters easier for us.”

Anina said she found it hard to believe that a prominent statesman such as Dr Mahathir, who had been prime minister for 22 years, could have uttered such a remark.

The report quoted Anina as saying: “Dr Mahathir became the PM when I started primary school and he resigned when I graduated from my Masters (programme).

“I grew up knowing him as my only PM. He is still my idol and I respect him very much. But I’m disappointed.”

Shortly after Anina’s resignation, PPBM vice-president Hamidah Osman announced her decision to quit the party.

However, her decision to quit had to do with a racially-charged message that her sister Hamizura had posted on Facebook. It sparked outrage among some party leaders.