Manikavasagam coy over future with PKR


PETALING JAYA: Former Kapar MP S Manikavasagam has remained coy about his future in PKR, amid reports that suggest his days in the party may be numbered.

Speaking to FMT on a report by The Star that he may join MIC following claims that Kapar Barisan Nasional divisional leaders have been courting him following his suspension by PKR, Manikavasagam acknowledged that he had been approached by them.

“Yes, many MIC division leaders have met me. Umno leaders have also called me.

“But I will wait for the outcome of my suspension appeal,” he told FMT.

In the report, MIC secretary-general A Sakthi­vel said he had been informed that Manikavasagam may be interested in joining the party.

“Some divisional leaders from Kapar have informed me of this and asked me to meet Manikavasagam.

“But I want to make sure he is really interested and open to the idea before approaching him,” Sakthi­vel had said.

When asked if he would like to stay on in PKR if his suspension was lifted, Manikavasagam appeared to take a negative approach.

“I think it will not happen,” he said.

Manikavasagam also expressed his disappointment with PKR, saying it was wrong to punish him for two years after he had worked hard for the party for 17 years.

“PKR is my first political party. I am not an ex-MIC member,” he added.

Last month, PKR communications director Fahmi Fadzil said the party’s secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution had informed Manikavasagam, who was a member of the central leadership council, that his party membership had been suspended for two years effective Aug 25.

“This is the decision of the party’s political bureau, based on a report by the party’s disciplinary board, which found Manikavasagam had made slanderous statements against the party in a speech in Kapar on April 8,” he said.

Manikavasagam submitted his appeal on Sept 6. However, the outcome of the appeal is still unknown.

He has since set up his own NGO called Urimai (Our Rights), which aims to help individuals with no birth certificates who face difficulties enrolling in school.