‘Action against man for wearing shorts to enlighten, not punish’

Fadzuli-futsalPETALING JAYA: Kelantan’s state religious department has defended the action taken against a Muslim man in the state for wearing shorts to play futsal, saying this was meant to enlighten, not to punish or seek revenue.

The department’s enforcement chief Mohd Fadzuli Mohd Zain said the man, who was issued a notice for not covering his knees in a public place on Monday, had been told to attend mandatory counselling or face a fine of RM1,000.

He said the action was taken under the Kelantan Shariah Criminal Code Enactment 1985.

“Most of the people issued with such notices respond positively since we only provide them counselling and explanations on the requirements of the religion,” he told FMT, adding that the policy had been in force for a long time.

The department had not taken the man who exposed his knees to court, unlike in the case of a woman, because of differing views among the ulama, he added.

Fadzuli reiterated that only Muslims were required to cover their “aurat” (parts of the body that must not be exposed according to Islamic belief), and that no action would be taken against non-Muslim males or females who did otherwise.

On the issue of footballers who did not cover their “aurat”, Fadzuli said no action would be taken if they wore shorts on the field during a game.

Nassuruddin Daud, who is the Kelantan exco in charge of Islamic development, missionary work, information and regional relations, said the state government would leave the matter to the religious department.