SAPP: Warisan leader’s remarks an admission of lying in GE13

John-Stephen-junz-wong-sapp-election-1KOTA KINABALU: The Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) has slammed Parti Warisan Sabah vice-president Junz Wong, accusing him of lying to Sabahans in the previous election when he was still with DAP.

SAPP supreme council member John Stephen said he was not surprised by Wong’s statements that only local parties understand the aspirations of Sabahans but found it amusing that Wong inadvertently admitted he had lied to Sabahans in the last election.

“When he was with DAP, a national-based party, he told Sabahans that only national parties could fulfil the people’s ambitions and many people believed him.

“Now he is saying that only local parties can meet the people’s aspirations,” Stephen told FMT.

He added that as a local party, obviously SAPP welcomed Wong’s statement because it showed the Likas assemblyman realised that SAPP had been telling the truth all this while.

He also blamed Wong’s comments during the last general election (GE13) for the losses suffered by SAPP, saying that the local party could have won some seats if Wong had been truthful.

“Not only did he fool Sabahans by saying a national party is the best option for Sabah, he also lied that SAPP supremo Yong Teck Lee received RM50 million from Umno to split votes.

“Of course this is a lie and he was found guilty by the court and had to retract his statement and apologise publicly,” he said.

Stephen was referring to the case where Wong was granted a consent judgment after he uploaded a status update on his Facebook page accusing Yong of receiving a bribe during the election campaign.

“At least now, SAPP feels relieved that Wong has been exposed for what he is,” he said.

On Friday, Wong told FMT that Sabahans do not need the parties from Malaya to tell them what is best for Sabah, what to do and who to choose because Sabahans know exactly what is best for them.

Wong also said Warisan had decided not to ally itself with PH because it did not want to be manipulated or controlled or affiliated to parties in Peninsular Malaysia.

There is no love lost between Wong and SAPP leaders as the Sabah party alleged that during GE13 Wong had attacked them because SAPP did not join Pakatan Rakyat. DAP was part of Pakatan Rakyat, along with PKR and PAS, before the former opposition coalition’s demise in 2015.