Political obsession is tiring and dangerous, says Salleh

salleh-politik1KUALA LUMPUR: Communications and Multimedia Minister Salleh Said Keruak has urged Malaysians to set aside their political differences and differentiate between political edicts and religious edicts.

This was because political obsession was a very dangerous virus to the people because it could make them unruly and unable to accept political realities, he said.

“In May 2013, after the results of the general election were announced, certain parties could not accept them because of their political obsession.

“In fact, accusations were bandied about by their supporters about justice and transparency.

“Similarly, when the court made a decision involving a political leader.

“When the decision was not in his favour, their obsession made certain parties come up with all sorts of accusations.

“People who are like this are ‘the unthinking public’,” he said in a blog post today.

Salleh said such political obsession was what made a person accept all information fed by their leader without looking at the facts and the truth.

Salleh said political morals were not important to this group because they believed the accusations more than the valid information from authoritative parties.

He said this political obsession resulted in some people failing to accept the government’s good efforts to look after the people’s wellbeing.

“Whatever the government does, this group of politically-obsessed people will continue to hurl their lies,” he said, adding that this obsession could lead to chaos and hatred, as well as disrupt social unity.

He said this phenomenon was very sad and resulted in an immature political climate in the country.

“This political obsession is trying and can disrupt social harmony,” he said.