Salleh: A great loss if youths remain politically passive


KUALA LUMPUR: Explanations need to be given to the young in order to correct their perception about politics and to avoid them from remaining politically passive, says Umno treasurer Salleh Said Keruak.

In his latest blog posting, Salleh expressed sadness over statistics from the Election Commission which show that more than four million Malaysians had not registered as voters, with the majority of them aged 21.

“I think it’s a loss if the young are politically passive. If their no-interest in politics is the factor, then their perception (about politics) needs to be corrected.

“Young people cannot go on like this as they will be the ones charting the country’s future. There is still time and the young need to be drawn now to register as voters,” he said.

Salleh also quoted the Merdeka Center survey which found the young being politically passive due to a number of factors, including being too busy with work, fed up with the political games of the elders, their distrust of politicians, and their (the young) feeling that voting would bring them no benefit.

“Another study done by researchers from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia have added to the above; the shocking factor of young people’s interests being neglected by politicians and their confusion over the current political situation.

“They don’t trust the country’s political institutions. They are fed up. (Thus) the above views should be given attention.”

Therefore, he said, political parties should come forward to campaign to get the young to be politically active because the country needed young people for its future success because “young souls are strong, energetic and visionary”.