Protect image of Jakim while on or off duty, staff told


BANGI: The Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jakim) director-general Othman Mustapha has urged its staff to keep the image of the department clean whether on or off duty.

He said they should always project an image of advanced Islam in accordance with the name “Islamic Development Department”, including communicating in a proper manner with the public so that the religious institution would be respected.

“It means that when we are communicating, people will say that the role truly fits us,” he told a press conference after attending the Malaysian Islamic Training Institute (ILIM) appreciation ceremony 2017 here today.

Othman said that as a staff member of a government agency, Jakim officers were also responsible for maintaining the good name of the government.

Earlier, Othman handed over certificates to 163 civil servants who participated in courses organised by the ILIM.

The courses included dakwah science management, muamalat, Arabic as well as shariah counselling.