Ex-Estonian PM steps down as deputy speaker over ‘wild party’ in Malaysia


PETALING JAYA: A former prime minister of Estonia has resigned from his post as deputy parliament speaker after reports of a “wild party” in Kuala Lumpur last month.

Taavi Roivas publicly apologised for improper conduct during a party in Kuala Lumpur, when he headed a trade delegation to Singapore and Malaysia for 10 days from Sept 18, reported The Star.

Estonian media reported on Thursday that multiple cases of assault, ranging from verbal to physical, allegedly took place during a party at a bar in a Kuala Lumpur hotel where Roivas and his 37-member trade delegation visited on Sept 21.

According to Estonian portal err.ee, Roivas, in a statement on Thursday, admitted that there had been complaints about him.

He apologised “personally and in the name of all of the delegation” to all those “who felt bad after the incident”. He also apologised to his wife and children.

Roivas was accompanied by his wife Luisa, who left for a holiday in Bali on Sept 20 while he carried on with the delegation.

It was reported that several of the delegation members, including Roivas, behaved improperly towards women present at the party.