4 mystery skeletons found in clay jars near Batu Gajah


PETALING JAYA: Four skeletons were discovered in clay jars near Kampung Baru Nala in Tronoh near Batu Gajah today, NST Online reported.

The grisly discovery was made by Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB) employees doing routine maintenance work on high-tension cables there about noon, the news portal said.

Some of the bones were found scattered on the ground nearby.

District police chief ACP Mohd Nasri Omar said the workers immediately alerted the police.

The jars (tempayan) were found between high-tension cables, surrounded by an oil palm estate.

There was an old mining pool there, last in use two decades ago.

The discovery was made about 10km from a Chinese cemetery.

Nasri said the bones would be sent for analysis to determine their age and cause of death.

He said the site was in a remote area far from any residential area.

A few Chinese villagers told police the remains could very well belong to the ancestors of some families “who intentionally left them there for good feng shui”, Nasir said, adding that police would investigate the matter all the same.

Meanwhile, in KANGAR last night, a renowned Taoist priest died during a “steaming man” ritual as part of the ongoing Nine Emperor Gods festival, Star Online reported.

Lam Man Wah, 70, was believed to have died from a heart attack during the ritual.

The ritual required that he be “steamed” alive over a pile of burning coals, while covered by a large metal container.

The news portal said the man was attempting to break the current “steaming man” ritual record of 75 minutes.

A video of the incident has since gone viral.