SEA Games organiser says artistes to be paid by end Nov


PETALING JAYA: All artistes who performed at the Kuala Lumpur SEA Games 2017 (KL2017) should receive their payments by the end of November, the Malaysian Organising Committee (Masoc) said today.

Responding to complaints from several artistes that they had yet to receive payment for their performances, Masoc CEO Zolkples Embong said the committee had completed 70% of the payments to the companies contracted to organise the officiating and closing ceremonies of the KL2017.

He said the contracted companies were required to make all payments to the artistes by the end of November.

“Masoc is now working with the Finance Ministry to expedite the payment process,” The Star Online reported him as saying in a statement.

It was reported yesterday that several artistes who performed at the closing ceremony on the eve of Merdeka had yet to be paid by the organisers.

One of the performers, singer Zainal Abidin, was told that Putrajaya had appointed a company to handle the payments for the performers who took part in the closing ceremony.

The issue first came to light when singer-actress Adibah Noor tweeted about it.

Writing in Malay, she expressed sadness that “friends performing at the SEA Games closing ceremony had yet to receive payment”.

She expressed her hope that the payment would be expedited, adding that it was not only the celebrities who had not received any payment but also other performers, including dancers and children.

Zolkples said payments would have been made earlier if the 16 Masoc sub-committees had submitted their complete payment requests according to procedures set by the Kuala Lumpur Finance Committee 2017.

He said most of the procurements by the secretariat received early payment amounting to 70%-90% of the contract value.

“The companies or agencies concerned should have been able to fulfil payments to the third parties who have rendered their services,” said Zolkples, adding that all payment applications had to adhere to the procedures set by the Treasury.

Meanwhile, Masoc said it had paid the allowances of most of its volunteers although there were still some who had not been paid due to technical reasons including incorrect bank details.

Those with queries regarding payment are advised to contact [email protected]

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