Finance ministry: Irwan never said poverty was due to laziness

Irwan-Serigar-Abdullah_peniang_pendatang_600KUALA LUMPUR: The finance ministry today denied that Treasury secretary-general Irwan Serigar Abdullah had ever said poverty in Malaysia was due to laziness.

It said this in a written reply to Lim Kit Siang (DAP-Gelang Patah), who wanted to know if Irwan’s view that some Malaysians were poor due to laziness, was also the view of Barisan Nasional.

“Irwan officiated at the 1Malaysia Entrepreneur (1MET) Graduation Day 2017 in Dewan Utama Kompleks Perbendaharan on Sept 27. There, he stressed to the 1MET participants to practise having positive traits, so they can succeed in business.

“Participants were also asked to grab business opportunities that were aplenty in the country.

“Irwan did not state that poverty in Malaysia was down to laziness,” it said.

In September, Irwan was reported as saying that Malaysians should be more prosperous than foreigners living in the country, and that if there were poor Malaysians, it was because they were not making enough effort.


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