Surau director: We welcome all those in need, even dogs


PETALING JAYA: A surau in Penang, praised by many for providing shelter to about 70 non-Muslim flood victims in the area, says it will never close its gates to those in need, even dogs.

The George Town Taman Free School surau director Zakaria Malik today said surau authorities would not turn away even dogs as these animals too were created by Allah.

“We will save not only humans but even dogs that are around the surau until the water recedes, as they too were created by Allah,” he said in the statement posted on his Facebook page.

zakaria-malik-3In the statement, he also expressed his appreciation to his committee members and residents of Taman Free School, who went out of their way to help the flood victims.

“I am extremely proud to have committee members, bilal (muezzin), surau helpers and the people living around Taman Free School, who helped us during this critical time, especially during the wee hours of the morning. They had to deal with strong currents from 3am to 5am with engineless boats.

“If photos had been taken of the people during these rescue efforts, only then would those who have uttered negative comments understand the situation and why the victims had to seek shelter in the surau.

“They would understand that the victims had to remove their clothes because they were freezing,” he said.

He said the surau had willingly offered shelter to the flood victims as everyone was created by Allah.

“We did all we could when dealing with the strong currents because we wanted to save them. Who knows, maybe Allah will give guidance to those we helped.

“We even used our own pocket money to buy food for these victims and also for those who had helped.”

Zakaria also thanked all the various departments involved in the rescue efforts.

“I want to thank the Malaysian Civil Defence Force (JPAM), the social welfare department and the Malaysian Armed Forces (ATM), who helped in the rescue efforts and provided equipment and food to those affected.

“I would also like to thank Defence Minister Hishammuddin Hussein and Penang state exco Jagdeep Singh Deo for coming to the surau.”