DBKL urged to review Bangsar hillside projects

Bangsar-hillside1KUALA LUMPUR: Jittery residents in Bukit Bandaraya, Bangsar, where a landslide occurred late last night, have urged Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) to halt approval for hill slope development in the area until a comprehensive review is carried out.

Bukit Bandaraya Residents’ Association (RA) adviser Mumtaz Ali said residents had been telling DBKL for the past decade that approval for hill slope development should be done holistically after taking into consideration the environment, including the soil and rock conditions.

“We have been urging DBKl to check whether the hill slopes can withstand all the developments taking place in the area.

“Most of the highrise projects in the Bangsar area are concentrated in that corner of Bukit Bandaraya, which is a hilly area.

A highrise project located above the site of the landslide on Jalan Medang Tanduk, Bukit Bandaraya.

“There is currently a highrise being built right above the location of the landslide and there are existing condominiums on that same slope.

“There are also houses at the foot of the hill and I am sure the owners had a sleepless night last night.

“We shudder to think what could have happened and we don’t want to wait until something really bad happens and for DBKL to blame it on an ‘act of God’,” he told FMT.

Mumtaz said each time the residents complained to DBKL, they would get the same reply — that the projects had been approved by the Public Works Institute of Malaysia (Ikram).

“But how do you expect an independent review when Ikram is affiliated with the Public Works Department?”

Mumtaz said it was important for DBKL to look at hill slope development in a holistic manner to prevent an incident like the recent landslide in Penang which claimed 11 lives.

Bangsar-hillsideHe also urged DBKL to not delay further the gazetting of the entire KL City Draft Plan 2020.

“The city draft plan is important so that we can see the overall picture of what will take place in KL, including the density of each area,” Mumtaz said.

It was reported that Jalan Medang Tanduk was closed to traffic after a hill slope retaining wall collapsed at 11.40 last night.

The road was reopened for traffic only at 10am today.

According to a spokesman from the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL), the road was cleared and declared safe for use, although several agencies would continue to monitor the situation.

Personnel from the Kuala Lumpur City Hall’s emergency unit, police, and Fire and Rescue Department have been placed on alert to monitor the situation in the area.