Mixed reaction to video of US kids trying Malaysian food

US-kids-trying-Malaysian-foodKUALA LUMPUR: A video of four American children trying Malaysian food for the first time has received mixed reactions from internet users, with some happy about the publicity of local cuisine and others dismissing the dishes as “unauthentic”.

The clip, uploaded to YouTube on US channel HiHo Kids, showed the children, identified as Austin, Crystal, JayQue and Clara, sampling nasi lemak, roti canai, laksa and apam balik for the first time.

They appeared to enjoy the food, although some were put off by the spiciness of some of the dishes.

For example, when asked to comment about the nasi lemak, Crystal said it was “good, except for the spicy”, referring to the sambal.

Similarly, JayQue enjoyed the roti canai until dipping it into his bowl of dhal curry, after which he said he disliked it.

The video was met with mixed reactions, with Facebook user Nur Diyanah Ibrahim praising HiHo Kids for its accuracy in presenting the food.

“At least you got the food right, even though the categorisation of the food based on time may not have been right. I loved this video so much,” she said.

Another Facebook user, Farah Nasyitah, said: “I was so excited to see them try some Malaysian food, and I’m glad that most of them liked it.”

A YouTube user by the screen name Han Mie said: “Thank you so much for showcasing food from Malaysia.”

However, some criticised the dishes presented in the video, saying they were not authentic.

Facebook user Marsha Marshmallows Beh said: “This is not a proper or correct representation of my country’s food. It would have been good to do proper research before filming.”

YouTube user Kazar Abdul meanwhile was unimpressed by the image of Malaysia portrayed through the food in the video.

“You got the facts wrong. This only makes me realise how much foreigners don’t know about Malaysia,” he said.

Other elements of the video that came under fire included the ingredients of the laksa dish, the fact that the nasi lemak was served with a fork, and the mispronunciation of “roti canai”.

The children in the HiHo Kids videos have also tried food from various other countries, including Vietnam, Greece, Turkey and Russia.