Siti Hasmah defends Syed Saddiq’s views on sex education


KUALA LUMPUR: The wife of former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad today defended the comments on safe sex and sex education among teenagers by PPBM youth chief Syed Saddiq Abdul Rahman.

Syed Saddiq had received flak on social media over his comments on Twitter last week in support of safe sex to prevent baby dumping and sexually transmitted diseases.

Dr Siti Hasmah Ali said people should scrutinise what Syed Saddiq had said as issues were always blown up when this topic was raised.

“Every time someone suggests that this topic be taught in schools, the issue blows up nationwide.

“Former education minister Khir Johari suggested this topic before, but everyone criticised him for it as they assumed just because he mentioned sex, he would teach children how to have sex,” she said at the opening of a symposium named after her, themed “Wanita Pencorak Masa Depan Negara” (Women as Shapers of the Nation’s Future) at Dewan D’Lavender here today.

Siti Hasmah said sex education was important as information on sex was readily available on the internet.

“With one click of a button, they can access everything which we do not want them to see. This is dangerous as the internet does not guide them well on the topic.

“So sex education is to make teenagers understand about sex and to show them what God had given them, not teach them how to have it.

“We must teach our children about the dangers if they do not safeguard their bodies and control their urges.”

Siti Hasmah said safe sex was also important to curb the spread of gonorrhoea, syphilis and HIV.

“This is why we encourage our husbands to use condoms to prevent the wife from being infected if the husband engages in extramarital sex.”

On the topic of baby dumping, meanwhile, Siti Hasmah said parents should not be ashamed to talk about it with their children.

“They are your kids, after all. Your daughters must understand that when they meet men, they have to control their urges as they could become victims to these men.

“The hope is when a woman is pregnant, it is done legitimately after marriage and blessed by her parents.”