A-G’s Report: Applications for Johor TOL delayed up to 9 years


PETALING JAYA: Applications for temporary occupation licences (TOL) in Johor have been delayed up to nine years, the Auditor-General’s Report has found.

For the Batu Pahat land office, the period taken to process TOL applications was between 11 months (345 days) and 98 months (2,989 days) — far exceeding the four-month period stipulated in the client’s charter.

The report stated that 11 applications took 11-20 months and 19 others 21-98 months.

Audit checks on 20 files showed the delays were due to the land office taking a long time at all levels, starting from investigations, land reports, letters to the technical department and declaring documents to the land and mines office.

“The delay was also caused by external factors, such as the lateness in receiving comments from the technical department and delays in bringing the applications to the state executive council meeting,” the report stated.

As for the Mersing land office, the time taken to process the applications was between six months (198 days) and 108 months (3,261 days).

Further audit checks and analyses of 30 samples found that none were processed within four months. Six took six to 15 months and the other 24 took 22-108 months.

The report recommended that both land offices abide by the client charter and process applications within the four-month period.

It also required them to identify mechanisms to resolve any backlog in TOL applications.