BBC names Zahid by mistake in Pakistan blasphemy issue


PETALING JAYA: Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi was inadvertently embroiled in the “blasphemy” allegations involving a Pakistani minister after BBC News named and tagged the Malaysian politician in a Facebook post by mistake yesterday.

Instead of Zahid Hamid, Pakistan’s law minister who resigned yesterday after being accused of blasphemy, the BBC News Facebook page put the spotlight on the Malaysian for a few hours at least.

This was because an FB user, Ateeq Rahman, noted the different name and wrote a comment on the BBC News post mocking the internationl news corporation for getting it wrong, to the amusement of its readers.

zahid-hamidi-ms-1The Pakistan minister Zahid was forced to resign yesterday following a few days of riots in the country over his leaving out a reference to Prophet Muhammad in the revised version of the country’s electoral oath.

A check with the BBC News Facebook page shows that the name has been corrected with no tagging of the name as well.

Meanwhile, New Straits Times reported that the FB page that was tagged by BBC News was a fan page of the deputy prime minister – – and that it featured a picture of Zahid and his wife Hamidah Khamis.