No political sabotage in probe on Azmin’s nephew, says MACC


PUTRAJAYA: The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has brushed aside Selangor Menteri Besar Azmin Ali’s allegation that the graft probe on his nephew is a form of “political sabotage”.

Its chief commissioner Dzulkifli Ahmad said the agency was being professional in undertaking its duties.

“We took action based on a report that had been lodged. The information provided was sufficient for us to start investigations,” he said.

“There is no political influence or sabotage,” he told reporters after attending an anti-corruption forum with the Malaysian Young Graduates Association at the MACC headquarters here today.

Dzulkifli was asked to comment on Azmin’s claim that his nephew’s arrest on Thursday was a political conspiracy and a “show” before the Umno general assembly next week.

“Umno bloggers had come out with the information before the MACC took any action. I want to know why this happened,” Azmin said, adding that he did not want politics to influence the investigations.

Azmin’s nephew and three others were remanded for a week, starting on Thursday, to facilitate investigations into alleged bribery on illegal sand mining activities in Selangor.

The remand is expected to end on Dec 6.

It was reported that some RM4 million in bank accounts of mining companies were also frozen.

Dzulkilfi had earlier said at the forum that some people claimed to be “vocal” against corruption but did not practice what they preached.

“These people criticise us heavily for not taking action in some issues. But when they are held (for an offence) at the roadside and are offered a ‘settlement’, they become timid and agree to settle it,” he claimed.

Dzulkifli told the students not to follow the example of such people and that they should be ready to face the court if they are innocent.