Former sportswoman allegedly punches GrabCar driver


PETALING JAYA: A former national sportswoman allegedly punched her GrabCar driver in the eye following an argument with the man.

According to The Star, the 22-year-old woman had called for a GrabCar at Sunway Pyramid on Friday.

The argument took place after the driver was delayed when picking up the woman and her mother from Sunway Pyramid for a trip to their home in SS6, Subang Jaya.

During the trip, the two women voiced their anger over the delay and an argument ensued.

Later, yet another argument occurred when the driver took the woman and her mother to a wrong house located on the same street of their destination.

In her anger, the woman allegedly punched the driver in the right eye while trying to get him to stop.

The issue came to light after the driver wrote about the incident on social media.

Both the driver and the woman lodged police reports over the incident.

Subang Jaya police chief ACP Mohammad Azlin Sadari, when contacted, said police had met with both parties involved.

According to him, both parties had lodged reports and had their statements recorded.

“We found that there was a misunderstanding and an argument which led to the injury,” The Star quoted Azlin as saying.

He said both parties were called in for a discussion and after the talk, the driver and the woman made peace and withdrew their reports.

Azlin said no investigation paper was opened over the incident.