Pakistani man swindled in Malaysia


PETALING JAYA: A Pakistani man who came to Malaysia in search of a better life was swindled by human traffickers and forced to work in a factory for 20 hours every day, The Express Tribune reports.

According to the Pakistan daily, Muhammad Imran, 29, was cheated by an agent called Farooq, who told him his visa would be valid for three years when it was only valid for one month.

Imran only realised that Farooq had cheated him after he arrived in Malaysia six months ago and paid Rs413,000 (RM16,000).

He was also stripped of all the money he had with him and ordered to work in a factory for 20 hours every day.

One month later, his employer threatened to have him arrested for overstaying his visa unless he agreed to work for free, the report said.

“I had no other option but to continue working in the factory without getting any salary,” Imran told The Express Tribune, adding that he soon developed severe health issues due to overwork.

Because of his illegal status, he could not seek treatment, and his health continued to deteriorate.

Eventually, he said, someone arranged for him to be treated at a clinic on humanitarian grounds.

When Imran sought to return to Pakistan, he said Farooq demanded Rs100,000 (RM3,865) for the return ticket.

Because Imran had lost all his money, his father had to sell some of his assets in Pakistan to pay for the ticket.

Upon his return to Pakistan, Imran and his friend registered a complaint at the country’s Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), with no results.

The agency’s deputy director Fakhrul Islam told the daily the FIA had its own procedure in pursuing the case.

“I have already referred the case to the proper circle,” he added.