Umno man denies he gets contract each time he lodges police report


KOTA KINABALU: Gerakan Akar Umbi Umno (Gaum) chairman Zulkarnain Mahdar has denied opposition claims that for every police report he lodges, he is awarded one government project.

Speaking to reporters after lodging another police report in Kota Kinabalu, this time against Parti Warisan Sabah Youth chief Mohd Azis Jamman, Zulkarnain said the allegation was deliberately made to slander his good name.

“I think this is a desperate attempt by Azis because Warisan is running out of political ideas.

“I challenge him to prove which projects were given to me by Chief Minister Musa Aman.”

On Sunday, Azis, who is the former Semporna Umno Youth chief, shared a post by a Warisan member showing a newspaper report on Zulkarnain’s police report against a fake MyKad form.

In it, Azis said there were rumours among Umno members that Zulkarnain would get one project for every police report he lodged to defend Musa, adding that if that was so, then lodging police reports was indeed Zulkarnain’s main source of income.

Zulkarnain explained that he had been a political activist since 1995 with his intention to fight for the benefit of people.

“My main intention was never about money. That is why I never wanted to contest any post in the party.

“And to be clear, I am a businessman, not a contractor. My income is through my business in Kuala Lumpur selling and buying cars,” he said.

Zulkarnain accused Azis of being a liar and was now in the same political party as Warisan vice-president Junz Wong because birds of the same feather flocked together.

Not so long ago, he said Wong had caused chaos and panic in Kota Kinabalu when he said the city is no longer safe after a woman was allegedly mugged by an “illegal immigrant”.

It was later proven that the woman’s wound was self-inflicted and Wong was suspended from the state assembly for six months.

Zulkarnain explained that in a way, he was forced to lodge police reports because the opposition kept lying to the public and slandering BN and Umno leaders.

He said young leaders in the opposition had been lying about many things, including the alleged private jet owned by the chief minister and they had insinuated that Assistant Finance Minister Ramlee Marhaban was corrupt.

“They include Wong, Azis and Jufazli Shi Ahmad. I hope the young generation in Sabah will not follow in their footsteps when they enter politics.

“We have many friends even in the opposition. They use facts not lies and if these people can do it a civil manner, why can’t some others in the opposition do the same?”