In tears, Umno delegate rejects Jerusalem as capital of Israel

Ahmad-Syazwan-Shah-Headan-In-tears-Umno-delegate-1KUALA LUMPUR: An Umno delegate could not hold back his tears as he supported Umno president Najib Razak’s stand on Malaysia’s rejection of the proposal to make Jerusalem the capital of Israel.

“We vehemently reject the suggestion by America of making Jerusalem the capital of Israel,” said London Umno club chief Ahmad Syazwan Shah Headan.

“As Malaysian students overseas, we are aware of foreign policies in place. We have seen the Arab Spring.

“This is what we don’t agree to. This will lead to provocation,” he said before breaking into sobs while debating Najib’s keynote speech during the 2017 Umno general assembly at PWTC here today.

Najib and several other Umno leaders yesterday hit out at the proposal to make Jerusalem the capital of Israel, saying Malaysia would never accept it.