Mosque officials get royal warning on lectures that spread extremist ideas


KLANG: The sultan of Selangor today warned mosque officials in the state, such as imam and nazir, to abide by his directive on religious talks to check the spread of extremist and liberal ideologies.

Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah said some imam and nazir were still stubborn and had allowed lectures that deviated from the true teachings of Islam to be delivered, causing confusion among Muslims.

He reminded Islamic authorities to monitor all Islamic religious lectures in the state and ensure the speakers have proper credentials.

“I have learned there are certain groups of Muslims who have been misled to the extent of believing that murder is a form of jihad demanded by Allah.

“This kind of belief and obedience is very dangerous if it is spread among Muslims as it could lead to them killing each other and causing disunity, similar to what happened among the Gulf states lately.

“The Selangor Islamic Religious Council (Mais) and Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais), as the highest religious bodies in Selangor, must always act firmly in taking appropriate action against those who flout the law and defy my wishes.”

Sultan Sharafuddin said this at the handing over of appointment letters to Mais members for the 2018-2020 term and a luncheon with the imam of mosques in Selangor at Istana Alam Shah.

The sultan also reminded the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim), a federal agency, to refer to Mais before approving and implementing any policy related to Islam in the state.

The policies include halal certification, zakat, implementation of fatwa and wakaf (property donated for religious or community use).

The state ruler said Jakim’s role was limited to coordinating matters concerning Islam between the states.

Within Selangor, he had full power to manage Islamic affairs.

The sultan also said federal officers serving in Selangor on Islamic matters must abide by all the policies and rules decided by Mais.

“They must also obey and give their undivided loyalty to me as the head of the Islamic religion in Selangor as long as they serve in the state, although they are paid by the federal government,” he added.