Lawyer dismisses Najib’s ‘1.6b Muslims vs 13m Jews’ remark


PETALING JAYA: Lawyer-cum-activist Azhar Harun has suggested that Prime Minister Najib Razak is wrong in the way he is looking at the issue of Palestine and Jerusalem, following comments made at the “rally for Jerusalem” in Putrajaya yesterday.

“There are 1.6 billion Muslims. How many Jews are there? 13 million. 1.6 billion can lose to 1.6 billion? It doesn’t make sense,” Channel NewsAsia quoted Najib as telling the 2,000 people at the rally.

However, Azhar, who is better known as Art, questioned the rationale in the prime minister’s statement, saying there is another way of looking at the issue.

“Firstly, the 1.6 billion has never lost to the 13 million. The 1.6 billion have lost to themselves. They are busy trying to kill each other, whether figuratively or even literally.

“Secondly, and more importantly, many among the 1.6 billion are absolute hypocrites. They lack the absolute and sincere willingness to free Palestine and the Palestinians from the clutch of the 13 million,” Azhar said.

He added that there has been no proper plan, if any, from Muslim leaders and nations other than making fiery speeches.

Azhar then asked Najib to accept the fact that social media tools, such as Twitter and Facebook, through which he has “voiced his disdain against the 13 million”, is owned by the 13 million.

He also made the distinction of how the Jews now hold economic power and indirectly, political power, including among Muslim leaders.

“They, themselves, rely on the Jews and the friends of the Jews, to make money and to pursue their selfish agenda. They lack altruism,” he said.

Azhar explained how the Jews had plotted their way back from the “pogrom and holocaust” to persevere and eventually gain “world dominance”.

“They did that, first by gaining control of the economy through the financial system, international trade, properties and the world’s essential productions.

“Then, with the wealth that they created, and the essential services that they excel in and even monopolise, they made themselves indespensable to everything that moves in this world, including politicians who were too eager to pursue their own agenda, even at the expense of the Palestinian cause.

“With that, they become an absolute necessity. With that they control the politicians and the politics,” he said

Azhad added that there were no fiery speeches or “sad poems” involved in the Jews’ efforts.

“They had a plan. They worked to execute that plan quietly. And that is why, the 1.6 billion ‘lost’ the plot. And they ‘lost’ to the 13 million.”

Azhar said the Palestinian issue requires a cogent and cohesive plan to solve.

“Above all, it requires honesty and sincerity.”

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