Maid goes missing with RM31,000 belonging to employer

Rosly-Hassan-maid-larikan-duit-majikanPUTRAJAYA: An Indonesian domestic maid was reported missing, together with about RM31,000, including in foreign currency, belonging to her employer in an incident at Precinct 14 here two days ago.

Putrajaya district police chief ACP Rosly Hassan said the maid was found missing by the employer, aged 64, when she woke up from a nap at 4pm.

He said the employer checked the house and was unable to locate the maid, known as Dasirah. He added that it was believed the maid left the house since her clothing was also missing.

“The woman (complainant) went to her son’s room and found that US$7,000 (RM28,536) which was in the room, was missing.

“Also missing was RM3,000 which the woman had left in a drawer of a dressing table in her daughter’s room,” he said when contacted today.

Rosly said police have mounted a search for Dasirah after obtaining information about her, including her passport details, which her agent had kept to facilitate permit renewal.