Malaysians urged to take stand against divisive elements

Liow-Tiong-Lai-multiracism-malaysiaKUALA LUMPUR: Malaysians have been urged to take a stand against divisive elements and reject those who seek to tear apart the fabric of the country’s unity.

In his Christmas Day message, MCA president Liow Tiong Lai said multiculturalism in the country was a hallmark of what he described as ‘’Malaysian-ness’’, and this should never be taken for granted.

“Just as Christmas is a time for sincerity, kindness and forgiveness, let’s come together to sow seeds of harmony and acceptance of one another,” the transport minister said.

These values, he said, had been the foundations of growth that built the country in the beginning, and they were the same values that would continue to pave the way for the nation’s onward progress towards becoming a developed and moderate nation

“During this holiday, I wish you all a wonderful time as we share in tidings of joy and good cheer with family, friends, neighbours and loved ones. It’s my hope that we all seek to embrace the sense of togetherness brought about by these gatherings,” he said.

Meanwhile, Gerakan president Mah Siew Keong said Malaysians should focus more on shared values and integration within the country’s diverse society.

“We ought to restore compassion, tolerance and civility in our public discourse. Distorted narratives that seek to inflame rather than heal must be rejected completely,” the plantation industries and commodities minister said.

Provocateurs, he said, should be condemned and punished as efforts to promote moderation and inclusiveness among Malaysians continued.

“In the spirit of Christmas, we hope the feelings of fear, distrust, bigotry and hatred unleashed under excessive politicking would be healed by the universal call for humanity and the common good as espoused by Christianity and all other great religions,” he said.