Bystander steals phone of dying schoolboy after crash


JOHOR BAHRU: While a schoolboy lay dying after an accident, a passerby chose the occasion to steal his handphone.

A witness, who went by the name of Harry Cyclone, posted on Facebook that the man took the phone on the pretext of ringing up the boy’s parents to inform them about the accident.

“We were all busy trying to help the bleeding boy and this man came along and stole the phone. What kind of human being is this?” he wrote.

The boy, who was on a motorcyle, died after being hit by a van that allegedly ran the traffic lights in front of Danga City Mall here about 2pm today.

The boy was a student of Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Aminuddin Baki.

“The boy was still in his school uniform and was bleeding profusely from a head injury,” Harry Cyclone wrote on Facebook.

He said the onlookers made sure the van driver did not flee the scene.

Johor Bahru South district police chief ACP Shahurinain Jais, when contacted by FMT, confirmed the incident but added that he was waiting for the detailed report.