‘Labelling others as infidels is extremist attitude’

Nooh-Gadut-extremisnPUTRAJAYA: The act of Muslims labelling one another as infidels is an extremist attitude, says Johor Islamic Religious Council adviser Nooh Gadut.

He said this would tarnish the image of Islam which had clearly warned followers against humiliating or bringing disgrace upon others and themselves.

“Is it man or Allah who is able to tell if the infidels are going to hell? So do not play the role of Allah,” he told reporters at the 2018 Putrajaya International Security Dialogue (PISD) here today.

Earlier when delivering the paper titled “The Role of Religion In Nurturing the Values of Wasatiyyah and Rejecting Radical and Extreme Ideologies”, Nooh said Prime Minister Najib Razak’s efforts in adopting the wasatiyyah or moderation concept to deal with Islamophobia, was commendable.

He also proposed that wasatiyyah subjects be taught extensively at secondary school and tertiary levels to further raise their understanding of the concept.

“Everyone should understand and appreciate the concept of wasatiyyah in an effort to create spiritual, balanced individuals and proactive communities in developing a progressive and dynamic society that will ultimately contribute to the success of the nation,” he said.

Nooh added that if the values of wasatiyyah were not practised, it would continue to tarnish the image of Islam in the eyes of the world and non-Muslim societies and would actively promote Islamophobia.