Anwar to be released on June 8, says Prisons DG

Zulkifli-Omar-anwarPETALING JAYA: PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim will be released from prison on June 8, Prisons Department director-general Zulkifli Omar said today.

He was reported as saying that this was based on the calculation of the days he spent in jail under his sentence in accordance with Section 44 of the Prison Act (1995) and Rule No. 43 (1)(a) of the Prisons Regulations.

Zulkifli was quoted by The Sun as saying that the Act and the Regulations allow a 1/3 remission from the original sentencing to any inmate who has carried out his sentence for more than a month.

Anwar’s actual release date falls on June 10, but as it is a Sunday and the preceding day a Saturday, he would be released two days earlier on Friday, a working day.

Zulkifli also said that the prisons department and the Sungai Buloh Prison where Anwar was being held had not received any warrant or order from the government to change the release date.

“The release date of June 8 has nothing to do with the parole system or any orders from the Pardons Board,” he said.

Anwar is serving a five-year jail term after losing his appeal at the Federal Court on Feb 10, 2015, to set aside his conviction on a charge of sodomising his former aide Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan in 2008.

He had earlier been sentenced to six years in prison for corruption on April 14, 1999, and, nine years in prison over another sodomy allegation on August 8, 2000.

The Federal Court later overturned this sodomy conviction in September 2004.