EPL matches on RTM: Spend RM100m in other ways, says Khairy

khairy-rtm1JELEBU: Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin rapped the opposition pact for promising to grant foreign television broadcasting rights to Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) if they win the next 14th general election.

He said it was a new promise by the Pakatan Harapan Youth to attract young people.

“They promised that the English and Spanish League matches will be broadcast live by RTM.

“I have asked my friends at the television station how much it costs to broadcast live matches, and this broadcast right is through the bidding process.

“Every year, the bid reaches hundreds of millions of ringgit, maybe more than RM100 million.

“If it is given to RTM, who will pay for it? In the end, the people’s money is used.

“Say, you have to pay RM200 million to have a broadcast, don’t tell me the money will be spent just like that?” he said at the launch of the BN election machinery for the Jelebu parliamentary constituency here today.

Present were Jelebu BN chairman Jalaluddin Alias, deputy chairman Baharudin Jali, leaders of Jelebu BN component parties and 6,000 Jelebu BN members.

The Pakatan Harapan Youth, at its convention yesterday, promised to have a live broadcast of international football matches, including the English Premier League, by RTM if it is given the mandate to administer the country after the GE14.

Describing the promise as unreasonable and irresponsible, Khairy, who is also BN Youth and Umno Youth chief, said it was better that the money for the live broadcasts be utilised to build sports complexes throughout the country for the benefit of the people.

Khairy also announced that a new RM8 million sports complex would be built here.