Salleh Keruak: Stop politicising airing of EPL on RTM

salleh-keruak-rtmPUTRAJAYA: It will not be wise to spend millions of ringgit in taxpayers’ money to broadcast ‘live’ the English Premier League (EPL) matches over RTM, says Communications and Multimedia Minister Salleh Said Keruak today.

Responding to a promise by Pakatan Harapan (PH) Youth that the opposition pact would grant foreign football rights to RTM if it came into power , Salleh said the money could instead be used to create jobs or for other things that would benefit the people.

“RTM is run by the government on behalf of the people.

“We would want to make sure the money is used for the benefit of everyone,” he told reporters after launching the Malaysia Cyber Games 2018 here today.

PH Youth, at the opposition pact’s convention yesterday, had promised to have a live broadcast of international football matches, including EPL, if PH wins in the coming general election.

Salleh said EPL was also shown over paid Astro channels and also on the internet.

“The world is different now. No longer like before. We cannot politicise such topics,” he said.

He said PH should instead focus on ways to create jobs for youths “because that is what is needed.”

“Perhaps they don’t have ideas. Everything is politicised.”

He also said that RTM would continue to air other sporting events and would not restrict other broadcasters from screening the EPL matches.

Asked if young voters would fall for the promised made by PH Youth, he said they were matured enough and what they wanted were stability and economic opportunities.