Mahathir barred from visiting Anwar

Mahathir-AnwarKUALA LUMPUR: Pakatan Harapan chairman Dr Mahathir Mohamad has been barred from visiting jailed opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim at the Cheras Rehabilitation Centre.

Mahathir said he was told by prison authorities that they could not allow him to visit Anwar due to “orders from above”.

“I was told that the minister of home affairs has barred me from visiting Anwar.

“All I wanted to do was visit Anwar and thank him personally on PH reaching a consensus,” he said when met at the hospital here today.

Mahathir said he only wanted to see Anwar to thank him for agreeing to him being  PH’s prime minister candidate in the coming general election.

“I wanted to visit Anwar to say thanks for not opposing the choice of myself as prime minister.

“When PH reached its consensus on who should lead the coalition, I needed the support of all the four parties in the coalition.

“Anwar has had a long confrontation with me and it’s not easy for him to accept the consensus for me to be the PM candidate.”

He slammed the decision to bar him as a first in the country.

“They called me a dictator but I have never done this before and this has never happened before.

“This so-called democratic country has now forbidden me from visiting someone who is sick.

“This is why everyone has to support our efforts to topple Najib (Razak), who is now a dictator.”

Mahathir dismissed the possibility of him appealing the decision to bar him from visiting Anwar.

“In the country now, when you write to the government, they do not reply.

“When we submitted the proposal to the RoS (Registrar of Societies) to approve PH, they did not reply. When we appealed, they didn’t reply.

“I can send a hundred appeals but it won’t work.”