Beach club targeted by US embassy assures safety of patrons


KUALA LUMPUR: The Beach Club Cafe Kuala Lumpur has assured its patrons that the safety of its customers is and will always remain its top priority.

This was in response to the warning issued by the US embassy in Kuala Lumpur that warned American citizens to avoid visiting popular nightspot The Beach Club in Jalan P Ramlee, citing what it said were “coordinated drink-spiking” cases targeting foreign nationals.

“We have a very strict ‘no drugs, no violence and no theft’ policy.

“Our security team conducts thorough checks on all customers before entering the club.

“Any patron caught (for the offences) will be handed over to the authorities for further investigation or prosecution.

“The person caught will be banned from re-entering the club.

“We strive to ensure the safety of our customers within the club at all times.

“We regret the recent statement by the US embassy and reiterate that the management of Beach Club Kuala Lumpur cannot be held responsible for the misconduct of any customer,” the outlet told FMT today.

Yesterday, the US embassy in Kuala Lumpur issued a warning to its citizens through its website.

The embassy stated that The Beach Club was off limits to “all personnel under Chief of Mission authority”, citing a recurrence of drink-spiking incidents, which were first reported in 2015.

“The prohibition was not based on one singular event, but was developed after a careful review of historical events associated with this venue.”

The embassy also warned citizens to avoid any display of wealth such as jewellery and watches, and advised them to be extra cautious when walking or driving at night.

It also advised citizens to stay alert in places frequented by Western tourists.

Deputy Home Minister Nur Jazlan Mohamed today said there was no need for the US embassy to issue such a security notice.

He said the embassy should instead have informed the police if it had information on the alleged “coordinated drink-spiking”.

He said the notice gave a negative impression of the country and that all nightclubs were involved in drink-spiking.

Nur Jazlan said the police will investigate the allegations.

Nur Jazlan: US security notice on nightclub puts us in bad light