Loke laughs off MCA’s confidence in Seremban


PETALING JAYA: Anthony Loke has dismissed MCA’s confidence that the party will be able to wrest the Seremban parliamentary seat from DAP at the next election due to Chinese voters’ suspicion of Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

This comes after Chong Sin Woon, the MCA Youth chief, said the party stands a better chance this time because voters in Seremban are not happy with Mahathir leading the opposition’s charge in the 14th general election.

“Yes, Ah Chong is right. I dare not even walk in Seremban town and am afraid to go to the Seremban market,” Loke wrote on his Facebook in response.

Chong had also said that infighting in Pakatan Harapan and a change in voters’ sentiments would boost his chances.

He said Chinese voters disagree with Mahathir’s presence in the opposition, and that DAP too is at pains to explain this to its members.

DAP first won the MCA seat in 2008 with 32,970 votes (3,948 majority). In 2013 Loke increased the majority to 12,553, bagging 45,628 votes.

When contacted, Loke refused to respond further, merely saying, “No comment.”

On his Facebook, however, he wrote: “Really afraid to face election campaign this round. DAP is in big trouble due to Dr M.”