Report: Cambodia to resume sending maids to Malaysia

cambodia-maid-1PETALING JAYA: Cambodian maids are coming to Malaysia again, following the lifting of a ban imposed by the Cambodian government six years ago.

The first batch of maids, or domestic workers, from Cambodia are expected to arrive in June, according to the Khmer Times.

The daily quoted Cambodian Labour Minister Ith Samheng as saying that he had met with Malaysian Human Resources Minister Richard Riot on three occasions to discuss the process of recruitment, training, and safety of working conditions.

“Today, we talked about the procedure of selecting, training, and sending our workers and maids to work in Malaysia.

“We also agreed by setting the date for sending the first group to work in Malaysia on June 1 this year through the new system,” Samheng was quoted as saying.

The resumption of domestic workers being brought in from Cambodia is the culmination of a memorandum of understanding which was signed between the two countries in 2015.

Meanwhile, Riot was quoted as saying that of the 1.7 million foreign workers currently in Malaysia, approximately 8,000 of them are Cambodians.

“I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the Royal Government of Cambodia for the 8,000 workers. As far as the social problem is concerned, they have not created a single social problem to our country,” Riot was quoted as saying by the Khmer Times.

In October 2011, Cambodia imposed a moratorium on its citizens working as maids in Malaysia after reports of abuse by employers were received.

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