Warisan finds many discrepancies in electoral roll

Gumbaris (left) and his team showing the protest forms to the media before submitting them to the EC.

KOTA KINABALU: Multiple people registered at one address are among grouses Parti Warisan Sabah brought to the attention of the Sabah Election Commission here today.

This comes days after Sabah DAP had made a similar allegation.

Warisan’s head of the Kapayan constituency Pritchard Gumbaris submitted the protest, claiming the fourth-quarter voters’ list for 2017 in his area contained many irregularities.

“We urge the EC to conduct a revision of the electoral roll and investigate what’s going on,” he told reporters.

He said Warisan found 21 people who may have used false addresses.

Another address had nine registered voters staying there.

“During the 3rd quarter registration, that house only had three voters registered at the address.

“This kind of thing creates a lot of suspicion,” Gumbaris said.

Gumbaris said following ground checks, they found some of the houses empty.

“We managed to call some of the house owners and they were surprised. They said they didn’t know who these people were.”

Sabah DAP had also alleged the latest voters’ list in the Luyang constituency published by EC contained discrepancies.

Gumbaris also claimed Kapayan Warisan had managed to prove 24 cases of people registered at false addresses in the first-quarter list.

“They were not staying at that particular address. In one case, the address was actually an office.

“We suspect there are more cases like these and we are still investigating. But we are not blaming the EC.”

Towards this end, he urged other parties, particularly from the opposition, to check the electoral roll in their respective areas before time runs out.

“We all have only five more days (until Jan 31) to lodge protests. Go check the lists because we want to ensure a fair and clean election,” Gumbaris said.

He also claimed the voters’ list at the Penampang district council office was not placed in an area the public could easily access.

Sabah DAP claims voter discrepancy rampant in new electoral rolls