Stop cyberbullying over differing views, says Selangor DAP Wanita

cyber-bullyPETALING JAYA: The Selangor DAP Wanita has condemned cyberbullying of individuals who express differing views, saying it is shocked by these vitriolic personal attacks.

It urged all Malaysians to be civil in their engagements online.

Selangor DAP Wanita did not name the individuals concerned but it is believed to refer to the cyberattacks directed at #UndiRosak campaigner Maryam Lee.

Since she took part in a forum on Jan 25 that discussed the campaign among youths to spoil their votes in the coming polls, Maryam has become the target of doctored images, sexist comments and accusations that she was paid by Barisan Nasional, on Facebook.

“DAP Wanita Selangor is shocked at these vitriolic attacks on certain individuals in recent days, pertaining to the issue of voting in the upcoming general election.

“While we may disagree with their stand, in no way do we condone or accept the threats and abuse they have been receiving online,” the wing said in a statement today.

The statement was signed by Selangor DAP Wanita deputy chairperson Sangeet Kaur Deo, vice-chairperson Young Syefura Othman and publicity secretary Chang She-Yun.

It condemned the attacks as cyberbullying and sexual harassment, and declared the wing’s opposition to “such abusive tactics to cow and intimidate those who differ in opinion to us”.

The wing said the right to express one’s views was a fundamental right and must be allowed without fear.

It said Malaysians should engage in constructive debate on public interest issues and not descend to simply making degrading and offensive comments.