I don’t support you, Khalid tells off Azmin


PETALING JAYA: Khalid Ibrahim says Selangor Menteri Besar Mohamed Azmin Ali does not have to worry which party he would support but only that he would not support Azmin.

“Who I support is my right. What is clear is that I don’t support the Gombak YB,” he said in his Facebook posting, claiming RM2 billion would be lost in the water restructuring exercise in Selangor.

The former Selangor menteri besar was commenting on Azmin’s statement on Thursday that Khalid kept changing his position, one day supporting Umno, the next PAS and sometimes wanting to contest as an independent in the next general election.

“Khalid has to come to a decision. In politics, we need to have principles and idealism.

“If he wants to play a role in PAS, then he should join the party,” said Azmin.

There has been speculation that Khalid may contest as a PAS candidate in Shah Alam in GE14. The seat is now held by Amanah communications chief Khalid Samad.

There is also speculation that Azmin himself will move from Gombak to Shah Alam in GE14.

Khalid has been seen to be cozying up to PAS after the Kajang Move that saw Azmin become the menteri besar after PKR planned to replace Khalid with their president, Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail.

Khalid became the biggest critic of Azmin during the state water industry restructuring exercise.

The Bandar Tun Razak MP and Port Klang assemblyman had revealed before this that he would help PAS campaign but also said he was willing to work with Umno in GE14 to wrest back Selangor.