Selangor PKR wants same 21 seats it contested in GE13


KAPAR: PKR’s Sri Andalas assemblyman Xavier Jeyakumar said PKR was looking at contesting the same 21 state seats it was given in the last general election, along with some of those contested by PAS.

In GE13, PAS won 15 state seats but only has 13 now after two assemblymen defected to Amanah.

PKR won 14 but only has 13 after former Selangor menteri besar Khalid Ibrahim became an independent.

DAP won 15 but only has 14 after the expulsion of Teluk Datuk assemblyman Loh Chee Heng.

All 12 of the seats won by Barisan Nasional were won by Umno. They, however, only hold 11 following the death of Sungai Air Tawar state assemblyman Kamarol Zaki Abdul Malik.

Xavier said that PH parties will contest the same seats they contested in GE13.

“PKR is holding firm that since we are the state government and the menteri besar is from our party, we should lead Selangor.

“Yes, we contested 21 seats in the last election. We are looking at the ‘winnability’ aspect as far as the party and candidates are concerned.

“The majority of these seats will be controlled by PKR.

“We are contesting the 21 seats as the seats we lost were only marginal. We are also eyeing many other seats,” he said when met by reporters after attending the Pesta Ponggal Vanniar event here today alongside PH chairman Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

He also described as “uncalled for” the action of Amanah to publicly disagree with Selangor MB Mohamed Azmin Ali’s statement about state seat allocations.

Both Amanah and DAP have stated they were not aware of any state seat negotiations taking place.

This came after Azmin said four such meetings had been held with Pakatan Harapan (PH) partners and that 80% of the seats had already been decided.

Selangor Amanah chief Izham Hashim, in denying agreement had been reached on the seats, said the party was only invited to discuss the coalition’s election strategy.

Ronnie Liu, who is a Selangor DAP committee member, took Azmin to task for accusing Amanah of lying, telling him to stop playing politics and being selfish.

“Amanah is not honest? Amanah was lying? Come on MB Min (Azmin).

“Stop thinking that the rest of us, including Tun M (Dr Mahathir Mohamad), are stupid and you are the only one that’s clever and good in politics.

“By now everyone in Pakatan Harapan (PH) knows who you are. To me, you have failed miserably. You are not fit to be our state chairman.”

Xavier said he hoped such public spats would stop.

“We definitely had the four meetings to discuss the seat negotiations.

“Tony Pua’s two DAP representatives were there, Amanah’s Cikgu Jaafar Samsudin and Selangor deputy woman chief were there as well as Selangor PPBM chairman Abdul Rashid Asari and his whole team.

“There is no denying that we discussed seat allocations.”

Rashid, meanwhile, clarified that PPBM was only after Umno seats in Selangor, which included those contested and lost by PKR when contesting against Umno.

“We are focused on Umno seats. We are not looking at Dengkil but we are asking for Batang Kali, Kluang and Tanjong Sepat,” he said when met by reporters.

Asked to comment on the public spat between Amanah and PKR in Selangor, he said there was still plenty of time for discussions on seats.

“I can’t comment on the recent attacks on Azmin. We are a new party and new in Selangor, so I don’t want to comment.

“The allocation of seats in Selangor has been discussed by all parties in PH. But some party leaders were not present; only their representatives were there.

“So, even though we had discussions, decisions could not be made.

“If everyone was present then I believe it would have been settled by now.”

Although Umno only had 12 seats, PPBM wants a bigger number than that, he said.

“We want the 12 and a few more. Maybe we can negotiate with Amanah.”

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