Wait till I get to Putrajaya, says Azmin

Selangor MB Mohamed Azmin Ali speaks at an event by Pahlawan, a body representing retired security personnel.

SHAH ALAM: Selangor Menteri Besar Azmin Ali today spoke about his administration’s achievements, and said they can be replicated nationwide if he were to lead Putrajaya.

Citing Selangor’s RM3.2 billion budget as an example, Azmin said the amount was only 1% of the federal budget, but proved to be more effective in assisting the people.

“If Selangor can do it, why can’t Putrajaya? Despite being a small state, Selangor has succeeded, not only in being a prosperous state but also in taking care of the interests of the armed forces,” he said, addressing the crowd at an event organised by Pahlawan, a body representing retired security personnel.

“Imagine if, in May, I was given the mandate to utilise RM300 billion. Then, God willing, Pahlawan’s claims will be addressed,” he added.

Azmin said Selangor is now the destination of many civil servants due to the state government’s policies.

“Selangor has now become an attraction, everyone wants to stay in Selangor and claim to be a Selangorean. Just look at the government officers of today,” he said.

“So I say to them, you don’t have to move. Let me move to Putrajaya instead, case closed,” he told the audience of about 500 army veterans.

Azmin said state schemes such as free water, free buses and a welfare fund were some of the attractions to move to the state.

“Putrajaya gave a bonus of RM1,500, and even that is paid in two instalments. Meanwhile, Selangor has given three months worth of bonuses, which was already paid out last year,” he said.

Azmin also said he has “the blood of warriors in his veins”, as his father had served in the armed forces.

“My late father fought for 21 years to defend our race and country, and I still remember his army identification number: 3443.”

Meanwhile, on the issue of seat negotiations within Pakatan Harapan, Azmin is confident that the coalition will reach a final decision in time for the general election.

Yesterday, he invited PH partners to a meeting to negotiate the seat allocations in Selangor.

This came after Amanah and DAP questioned his claim that seat negotiations were almost finalised after four meetings.

“I hope that all parties can come to an agreement as soon as possible. That is our best option, and if there are a few seats that we need to continue negotiating, we will need the space.

“If there are seats still undecided, give us some room because ultimately, we want to win the seat,” said Azmin.