MBPJ misusing development policy, claims Petaling Jaya residents group

Esham-Salam-mbpjPETALING JAYA: The Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) has been accused of misusing its transit-oriented development (TOD) policy by allowing rampant development in areas surrounding public transport hubs in the city.

The claim was made by a group of concerned residents calling themselves MyPJ, Malay Mail Online reported.

TOD is an urban planning concept where the number of commercial, residential and recreational spaces are maximised near public transportation points.

“We have launched the #TolakPjTOD campaign, in response to the lack of transparency in implementing TOD,” MyPJ taskforce leader Esham Salam was quoted as saying at a press conference today.

He also called for MBPJ to consult with all the stakeholders involved, including residents, schools and business owners before starting any new development.

“Until PJ’s TOD guidelines are accepted with sincere public participation, it has to be put on hold,” he said, adding that MyPJ is not opposed to TOD in principle

He added that any development must follow strict guidelines as well.

The issue of the TOD was raised recently when MBPJ gave its approval to KUB Malaysia Berhad to tear down the A&W fast food restaurant, on Lorong Sultan, near the Taman Jaya LRT station, for the construction of a new 20-storey office tower.

The new development came under scrutiny when 10 MPBJ councillors walked out of a full board meeting over the prior approval given to KUB by the one-stop centre (OSC) committee.

Speaking at the press conference, Esham praised the councillors who walked out or attempted to put a stop to the project on the site of the iconic A&W restaurant.

On Jan 29, councillors Sean Oon and Terence Tan were ejected from the board meeting by PJ mayor Mohd Azizi Mohd Zain after a disagreement.

After their removal, 10 other councillors in the board meeting walked out in protest.

According to Esham, there are clear policy guidelines provided by the state on development projects that all local councils must adhere to.