MACC man denies threatening local PKR chief over bungalow probe

adam-rosly-sprm-1KUALA LUMPUR: A senior Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) officer today denied threatening PKR Ampang Youth chief Adam Rosly to obtain his statement on his source of wealth.

Testifying at Adam’s trial in the Sessions Court, Izam Abd Nasir said he had not coerced Adam into providing the statement last February.

“I did not threaten to arrest him or his wife if he refused to cooperate with us,” he said, responding to a question by Adam’s lawyer Ahmad Zaidi Zainal.

Zaidi had asked Izam whether MACC obtained Adam’s statement by putting him in fear.

Izam also told the court he had not provided a “statement” for Adam to sign without asking him any questions before the interrogation session.

“I asked him questions and he gave his answers, which I took down.

“I also explained to him that he should provide truthful answers,” he said.

When asked why Adam’s interrogation session was not recorded, Izam told the court that MACC’s requirement did not apply to Adam’s situation.

He was responding to Zaidi, who had asked if Izam was aware as an MACC officer that he must have a recording of the interrogation.

Izam replied in the affirmative but added that “recordings are only for the accused”.

The hearing will resume tomorrow before Sessions Court judge Allaudeen Ismail. Izam will continue with his testimony.

Adam was charged last year with allegedly giving false evidence to the anti-graft authority under Section 32(8)(c) of the Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Terrorism Financing and Proceeds of Unlawful Activities Act.

He was said to have told MACC that he earned RM60,000 a month as a company director and a further RM3,000 a month managing flats at Taman Industri Lembah Jaya.

He was also alleged to have provided false statements on the purchase of his RM1.2 million bungalow in Ampang, which he said he had bought with loans from two loan sharks as well as funds from his mother-in-law and late grandmother.

He said he had also used his income from his business activities and from selling cars to buy the house.

If convicted, he faces a maximum fine of RM3 million, a five-year jail sentence or both.

Adam’s alleged wealth entered the spotlight after Sungai Besar Umno division chief Jamal Yunos claimed that he owned a bungalow and a number of luxury cars, despite having held a post in PKR for only one term.

Adam has denied any wrongdoing, saying his wealth came from business ventures and an inheritance.

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