Sabah Puteri Umno goes on election footing


KOTA KINABALU: Sabah Puteri Umno is getting on an election footing.

Its chief, Normala Rasik, has directed all the movement’s operation rooms at the 25 parliamentary and 60 state constituencies to be activated immediately.

She said the Puteri members should also be more active in reaching out to voters, especially the younger generation.

“We need to be more active, whether it is having briefing sessions or carrying out welfare work,” Normala said after chairing the Sabah Puteri Umno meeting here earlier.

She said Puteri members should also find out problems or issues by the people and try to resolve them.

“Our members are the bridge between the government and the people and they need to fulfil that role,” she said, adding they should not be preoccupied as to when the election would be called.

Puteri members could meet voters to explain how the government’s policies were benefiting them.

Normala said Puteri members should also update the voter database at their respective areas.

“We need to know their exact location and their level of acceptance towards the government and the opposition,” she said.

In this regard, she said Puteri members should be working alongside their counterparts from the Wanita and Youth wings.