Rehire experienced ex-staff, Nufam tells Malaysia Airlines


PETALING JAYA: The National Union of Flight Attendants Malaysia (Nufam) has called on Malaysia Airlines to rehire the people whom it retrenched in 2015.

In a statement today, Nufam said such a move will simplify the process of hiring that the airline had announced last Friday and, at the same time, reduce the cost of training.

“It is only right that Malaysia Airlines take experienced staff because hiring new people would lead to a waste of money.

“After all, the airline has still not registered a profit, yet it is taking in new staff to cater for its new destinations,” the statement said, referring to the need to train the new hires.

It was reported on Feb 9 that the national carrier is now looking for cabin crew and has vacancies in other areas, too, as it begins expanding.

The recruitment is needed because Malaysia Airlines is expanding its network and fleet size.

The airline had listed vacancies for cabin crew and 11 other jobs — such as analyst, captain, first officer, fleet manager, airline security and customer service trainee — on its website’s career section.

Nufam added that the government must put pressure on the airline to rehire the workers it retrenched because the idea to lay off workers came from Putrajaya.

“With the new Malaysia Airlines CEO being a former pilot, I hope he takes our request into consideration,” the union said, referring to Izham Ismail, who was named the airline’s group CEO last October.

Meanwhile, the statement also spoke of how many of the former Malaysia Airlines staff, especially the 3,500 who were union members, have still not been able to get a permanent job.

“Some are now driving Uber or GrabCar and selling nasi lemak. So, who says they have got full-time jobs?”

In 2015, Malaysia Airlines laid off 6,000 of its workers as part of a restructuring programme. Nufam said 3,500 of those dismissed were its union members.

Last September, Nufam questioned why it had taken the human resources ministry two years to decide not to refer the cases of 3,500 retrenched Malaysia Airlines workers to the Industrial Court.

Nufam president Ismail Nasaruddin, responding to a comment by Human Resources Minister Richard Riot Jaem, said they had been caught off guard due to a lack of communication between the ministry, the union and former workers.

“Has the ministry informed and advised the ex-workers? They have not received the letters. There is no information at all pertaining to this.

“It is sad that a HR minister took two years to decide the cases will not be referred to the Industrial Court,” he said, adding that the cases had been filed in 2015.

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