Zaid: Time for a different Islamic government to rule Kelantan


KUALA LUMPUR: Former minister Zaid Ibrahim has called on the people of Kelantan to free themselves of PAS, just like the French and Russians threw out the aristocrats ruling them, in 1789 and 1917 respectively.

The DAP member said in a blog post today that he expected Kelantan voters to change the state leadership in the coming general election, but in a quieter fashion.

“I am not sure if it’s Umno or Amanah that will win their hearts, but PAS is a dead man walking as far as I can see. And that’s how it should be.”

He added: “Throwing out PAS does not mean the people are against an Islamic government; they just need a different one.”

He said after 25 years of Islamic rule, the people of Kelantan had tasted what it meant to be governed by the “ulama group”.

Employing sarcasm, Zaid said, state capital Kota Bharu was today sin free, and there were no thefts and illicit sexual activities.

“Traders are all honest with each other and with their consumers as there is no price fixing and no shortchanging in quality and price. Young schoolchildren do not engage in illicit sex, take drugs or drink ketum on a regular basis. The men no longer cross the Golok river for fun and games like they used to in my younger days, and they are all happy living a clean life in the Islamic city.

“All leaders in Kelantan are honest and take no bribes or ‘commissions’. Their dealings, including the sale of land and timber concessions, are transparent.”

Saying the locals had seen what it was like to live under an Islamic government, Zaid added it was time for them to have a different government, “because the Islamic one they now have – although almost perfect – has not been able to give them jobs. It has also not been able to provide them with housing, not even the homes that were promised after the last big flood in 2014. The state government has not even been able to ensure a supply of clean water.”

What the people of Kelantan need, said the former de facto law minister, was a government that would bring in investors, leading to more work opportunities.

“They need a government that will solve their water and drainage problems. They need a government that will find ways to let them earn more for themselves,” he said.