Najib announces 5 projects worth RM1.3 billion in Langkawi

najib-razak-usahawan-1LANGKAWI: Prime Minister Najib Razak today announced an allocation of RM1.315 billion for implementation of five new government projects here under the 11th Malaysia Plan (11MP).

These projects are the construction of an additional building for the Langkawi Hospital (RM500 million), quarters for health staff (RM135 million), a fire and rescue station, as well as quarters, at Padang Matsirat (RM30 million), upgrading of Jalan Bulatan Lapangan Terbang-Pulapol Langkawi (RM50 million) and a project to address water supply problem (RM600 million).

“At present, the Langkawi Hospital can only accommodate 110 beds, while the bed occupancy rate is nearly 90%. Therefore, the Langkawi Hospital additional building project has been approved under the Third Rolling Plan of the 11MP,” he said.

He said this when opening the “I Am Usahawan GO 4.0”, a programme organised by the Malaysian Malay Chambers of Commerce.

The new hospital building, he said, would be equipped with 220 beds, wards for intensive care and coronary unit, as well as other facilities.

Najib said the project would also provide facilities for full-paying patients to meet the demand for health-tourism in Langkawi which had yet to have a private hospital.

On the project to address water supply in Langkawi, he said, it was allocated the biggest allocation among the five projects as it was intended to be a long-term solution.

He said currently the capacity of water production in Langkawi had reached the maximum level of 89.4 million litres daily and the project, which would involve off-river storage at Padang Matsirat, would ensure additional water supply of 124.48 million litres daily that would be sufficient to accommodate water supply needs until 2040.

“Implementation of the project started early this year and is expected to be ready in 2022,” he added.

He said the projects proved the continuous commitment of the Barisan Nasional government at the federal and state level to safeguard the welfare of the people in Langkawi.

He said the development and transformation to ensure the people’s well-being required a solid and strong government and not one based on the popularity of an individual.

“An individual, no matter how popular the person was before, cannot bring changes without a strong party behind him,” he said.

As a state that did not have enough natural resources, Najib said, the people of Kedah should not allow the state to return to the opposition.

“Without the support of the federal government, we will go back to that time. We should not return to that time, but look ahead,” he said.